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As a Freemason of long standing I have always enjoyed the friendliness and camaraderie of Masonic meetings.

I particularly like the individual quirks and differences that make each Lodge different. When I looked for some of the unusual  items that I saw

used in other Lodges however,  I had difficulty in obtaining them. Similarly when I needed Embroidered casual wear for my Lodge members to use for a fund raising event, I had to have these produced as specials.

As my company has been involved in the promotional merchandise business for many years, I thought that this ‘hard to obtain’  situation should be remedied hence the new web site………………..www.4-Masons.com.

On this site you will find various products that have been specially designed and produced for use by Freemasons. Presentation articles such as Shot Glasses with etched designs of Square and Compass or Individual Lodges details, Printed Ceramic Mugs, Etched Water Carafes and Glasses for use by the Master and his officers, White Dress Shirts embroidered with Masonic design,  T Shirts with standard or specially printed designs and other products useful for Masons.

It is our intention to add to these exclusive products over the coming months.

We hope to have the pleasure of serving you in the future.

Best Regards,

Gary Murton

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